Well, this is my next quick project. Before telling all story, I want to let you know about my huge development experience. And my trading hobby.

Because of both (trade and dev) experience, I decided to check out an idea about if I succeed in copy traders from Binance leaderboard?

Hello, this is my story about coming as a Ceo from Fullstack. I would like to tell you about fullstack competency compatible with Fullstack but not with CEO.

I have been developing a slow growing project for years.
And my fullstack benefits become CEO limitations.

Before continue, let’s describe story…

I have started my project: micro site constructor Sendme.cc from 2018.
Today is 2021, 3 years left.
In project history, from now, I understand that I find right way to get fast success:

* Project must be easy to use ( controversy )
* Project as a platform
* You can…

Pavel Markov

Micro site constructor — sendme.cc

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